Andy Moe

Dear Friends and Supporters of St. Michael High School,

A tenacious defender of the Faith has gone to his reward today.  Pope Benedict XVI was for decades a voice of reason and orthodoxy in a world that increasingly embraced ambiguity and chaos.  He warned my generation against the dangerous “dictatorship of relativism” and reminded the world, from the first moments of his pontificate, that we ought to entrust ourselves to Christ, who “takes nothing away and gives you everything.”

He taught us all to forego the comfort offered by the world because we weren’t made for that.  “You were made,” he said, “for greatness.”

St. Michael High School heeds the late pontiff’s exhortations to greatness of intellect, character, and spirit through study, community life, and prayer.  We’re preparing a generation of young men and women to see through the deceptions of moral relativism, to resist the temptation of comfortable mediocrity, and to joyfully lead their associates, families, and society as a whole, to the One Thing Needful.

Will you help us continue this work?  You can support St. Michael High School at… https://stmichaelchesterton.org/donate/.

Your prayers and financial support will directly sustain our operations, allow us to recruit and retain faithful faculty, and provide us the ability to meet tuition shortfalls of worthy students.

I ask you to prayerfully consider assisting our efforts to raise up a generation great in their times and great in the eyes of God.

May Pope Benedict XVI rest in peace, and may you all enjoy the peace of Christ in the New Year.


Mr. Andrew Moe, Headmaster

December 31, 2022

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