A Chesterton Academy


The Chesterton academies are named for the great English writer and Catholic convert, G.K. Chesterton (1874- 1936). These schools have chosen Chesterton as their patron because he exemplified the Catholic faith through a life filled with joy, wonder, and gratitude.

Chesterton was considered one of the world’s most outstanding men of letters in the early 20th century. An accomplished essayist, novelist, and poet, he wrote a hundred books on all different subjects. In 1922, he shocked the literary establishment by converting to Catholicism. He was later eulogized by Pope Pius XI as “a gifted defender of the faith,” and there is presently a popular movement to have him canonized. The school has chosen him for its patron because he not only represents the fullness of faith and reason, but also Catholic joy and common sense.

St. Michael High School is a proud member of the Chesterton Schools Network, joining the largest association of Catholic Classical schools in the country in the fall of 2019.

The Chesterton Schools Network aims to inspire and encourage parent-led Catholic schools across the nation. The Network offers consulting services, templates for evaluating interest and operating a school, and the Chesterton Academy curriculum framework.

The Chesterton Academy framework includes:

  • A four-year, sequential, integrated curriculum overview with high level day-to-day lesson plans and supplemental materials.

  • A blueprint for marketing, hiring and evaluating faculty, resource acquisition, scheduling, and assessing local requirements.

  • Support through a network of grassroots high schools with the same vision for joyfully Catholic, classical education.

Learn more at the Chesterton Schools Network website at… https://chestertonschoolsnetwork.org.

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